Hello again

Hey folks, this isn’t going to be much of a post as it is a journal entry. When I first started this website I wanted to use it as that. I don’t really like blogging but I want to be able to look back at my progress as a filmmaker. I think it’s an understatement to say that 2020 has started out…rocky. If you’ve been reading my blog at all you are probably aware I suffer from anxiety. This year has not been kind to people like us. For those of you who are having an even harder time and may be considering committing suicide please, please get help at 1-800-273-8255. You are far better off alive, even now than otherwise.

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Blogging Expectation VS Reality

I started this website a year ago before I even made my first film and I thought: “This will be easy! I’ve tons of topics to write about!” but then reality set in and I soon realized I had no idea what I was doing or why anybody would care to spend time reading what I had to say about writing, directing, and filmmaking. I added a film review topic that Cory North is now heading, so if you want a film review or you’re curious about how a film did head over to his section.

But that’s about it. I’ve blogged maybe once a month in total since then and I’ve reaped all of the results of that “habit”. This is one such post, however I’m going to try to make a weekly post every Wednesday about something. Whether it’s a movie I’ve seen, what I’m currently working on, or something I find interesting about the filmmaking process. Writing, like anything, requires effort and practice. My Wednesday blogs are going to be my practice as I try to turn this website around. If this is your first time visiting please click around and watch some of my short films, read my about me, and introduce yourself in a comment. If there’s even one person besides me reading these (hi mom), I think it’s worth it.

So check back Wednesday as I begin the first weekly blog post of 2020!