The importance of getting genuine feedback.

Something that a lot of artists, be they musicians, painters, photographers, or filmmakers struggle with is self critique. We are both our harshest critics and our biggest cheerleaders (or else we should be). We will both love and hate a project and will constantly try to nit pick at little details or second guess decisions all in the name of “perfection”. We want what we’re creating to be perfect all the time because we, as artists, like showing off our art but we don’t like showing off something we don’t think is “good”.

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Demo Reel and Cinematography self-critique

Well it’s the end of the year, for me anyway, and I guess just as good a time as any to write some reflections. When I made my first film last year I made it with the intent to learn about filmmaking. I’m not good in a classroom setting. I have a hard time retaining information by reading it in a book and taking notes. I have to do things to learn them. I made what I thought was a good short film. Got some feedback and some notes from people both in and out of “the industry” and set a goal for 2019. That goal was to make 10 short films in the year. Mission failed, but really, a success because even though I didn’t make 10 full shorts I did learn at least twice as much about filmmaking as I did in 2018; so to quote Professor Hulk “I see this an absolute win!”

2019 Project Reel
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