My baby, my first project. My passion for the 2018 year. This project began in March 2018 and is just now coming to fruition while being submitted to a number of Festivals in the New England region (fingers crossed for selection). We filmed the entirety of the movie in two days and we used a Samsung Galaxy S9. Yeah I know cell phone films aren’t as cutting edge and niche anymore but it was what I had available to me and why I launched a Patreon account – so I can use whatever I’m able to make there to save for another kind of camera.

That said, I really do like how the film looks for being shot on a cell phone. Especially being a narrative film and not some shitty experimental garbage (no offense to experimental filmmakers).



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The Independent Critic

Finishing this project cemented for me that I want to make films for a living. I don’t know how I’m going to do it but somehow I’m going to be able to leave my “real job” and finally pursue my passion. I have to make film. The only other thing I’ve had this kind of a drive for was making music and even though I’m not in any bands or anything anymore, I still write music for myself and my niece and nephews.