Good Works

Good Works is the fourth short film that I directed as a submission to the 2019 Fright Film Competition. I was invited to join by Adam Dell, a new filmmaker with whom I worked on a 48 hour project earlier that year. I had a blast making this film and it really kicked my desire to make a feature length horror film into overdrive.


Nevermore Horror – Wormwood
10th Circle [Dante Yurei]
Arth Joshi
Cinema Slice – Good Works [Mark Kelly]
From The Basement [Jason Hewlett]
OC Movies [John Leeson]
Reel Reviews Over Brews [Adam Milsted]
The Rotting Zombie [Daniel Simmonds]

Please enjoy some previously unseen behind the scenes shots of the film being made

My best friend and writer, Jason Orr, and I discussed ideas for the film on our way to GenCon this year and he mentioned he had an idea for a short story that he thought might be able to be shot as a short film. I told him to throw together a script and let me read it. I loved the first draft and after a few subtle changes we had a script.


This was also only the second project where I had a full crew to work with and the biggest lesson I learned was I need a 1st AD. I feel like my directing suffered because I was forced to focus on too many other details on set and my lead actor’s performance suffered because of it. [Stella Rae-Lozon] was amazing and took my direction very well but I didn’t give her what she needed, so part of me feels like I owe her, and I hope to work with her again soon so we can really gel.

Despite that, Stella was nominated for Best Actress and I was nominated for Best Director at the competition. We didn’t win but we did end up taking the trophy for Best Editing, Best Screenplay, and Best Makeup.

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