Review Submissions

Here are the rules:

  • To request a review, send an e-mail to with the following:
    • a. Streaming Link w/Password (if applicable)
      b. Press Kit (if available) or full production credits/IMDB page
      c. Link to film website (if applicable, please also include Facebook pages)
      d. If you have an urgent deadline, for example a festival premiere, I need to know this up front.
      NOTE: If these guidelines are not followed, a review will not occur.
  • I will accept indie or studio features in any genre (other than porn). I reserve the right to reject any film for any reason. Please note, I am happy to review faith-based cinema as well as reviewing experimental, LGBT, student films, docs and other genres.
  • I will not accept music videos, web series, television productions, personal projects, home videos or films that are neither on the festival circuit nor aiming at a legitimate streaming or DVD/Blu-ray distribution.
  • You must have an active IMDB page OR website with full production credits available. While Facebook pages are awesome they do not offer me easy access to the information I need.
  • If you are requesting a DVD/Blu-ray review, I strongly prefer to receive the complete final production package. However, please provide me an e-mail up front before sending to ensure I’m agreeable to the review. I am happy to review streaming links, but will not review it as a “DVD/Blu-ray” release in these cases.
  • I keep my word. If I give you a timeline, it will be maintained. Repeated e-mails to me checking on status WILL move your review to the back of the line and may result in a review being withheld.
  • I will not change my review once established, whether that’s a pleading for a different grade or an alteration in credits, trailers, etc. (unless I made an actual typo or mistake). Please ensure I have accurate information up front.