Rumor from Ground Control

I want to thank Writer/Director Seaton Lin for being the first to submit his film to me for my review section. Let’s get into it…


A classified space mission involving the death of a celebrated astronaut is unraveled by
local investigative journalist, Erika Graesen. In her effort to break the story, she
discovers the astronaut’s death was a coverup by a science foundation conducting
unsanctioned experiments.

Embroiled in a dark web of conspiracy and lies, Erika’s obsession for finding the truth
propels her down a path of psychological destruction and endangers the lives of
everyone in her circle.

Rating : NR (but probably R due to language)
Runtime: 86min
Distributed by: Indie Rights

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The Good

The film is very well shot and framed. DP José Samuel Martínez Méndez did a good job making the film look interesting. The sound was good overall but there were a few instances where the ADR missed the lips and made the scene awkward or the background characters voice was too loud for his position on screen (very minor nit picks)

The special effects for “The Foundation” commercials were top notch and honestly, did its job at pulling me into the movie and making me want to watch it. It was fun to see Michael B. Silver (Supernatural, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday) in this and I thought his performance was good overall even though most of the acting was kind of cheesy.

I love a big universe in stories and I think that was the intent of writer/director Seaton Lin with this film, if so, kudos, I would be interested in seeing more.

The Bad

The acting was very meh, even for Michael Silver who I was actually surprised to see in this. Alexis Moeller, (The Woodsman, The Lone Road) was the best for me but I just didn’t give a crap about her character, or any of the characters really and Chase McGuire, (A12, Birdland) – brush this film under the rug, bud.

I couldn’t figure out the plot until about an hour into the film because it seemed like every ten minutes they introduced a new character with a new “side” of the story of what happened to the astronauts. Did I miss why we give a crap about the astronauts by the way? Were they important for something? Then it just ended weird with a bunch of sub plots coming together? Also there’s a big scene at the Newspaper where Erika’s editor fires her and tells her if he ever sees her around the office again he’s going to have her arrested only to clink champagne glasses with her at the end like “No hard feelings right? What you’re not coming back? OH GOD PLEASE STAY!” I laughed audibly.

There was a lot of ADR and it was very hit or miss with the accuracy of the mouth movements to the audio and the sound level. One scene was entirely ADR (or at least 90% of it) and it was very apparent.


So this film is just kind of boring. It’s definitely a good looking film and doesn’t come across as very indie at all but it just felt like a way too long episode of [Insert bad crime drama here]: Los Angeles. I didn’t really care about any of the characters and I think there was a twist at the end but I’m still not able to figure it out. The story felt like a good idea that wasn’t developed all the way that also might have done to itself what a lot of critics thought Bright did (I happened to really enjoy Bright but I get the criticism).

There were way too many tropey cliche’ moments for me that I started getting dizzy from rolling my eyes so much. I really wanna give the filmmaker props because it’s not easy to pull off a well shot, evenly graded, good sounding movie but this is one of those films that feels like the creator bit off more than they could chew.