Deal With The Devil


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A desperate man makes a deal with the devil in hopes of making all his earthly dreams come true. But when he is called upon to live up to his end of the Faustian bargain, he soon learns that this comes with a very steep price, as those around him spiral into madness, possession and death.

Rating : NR (Probably R due to violence)
Runtime: 80min
Distributed by: Wild Eye Releasing

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The Good

Horror is such a strange genre. It’s the easiest type of film to make but the hardest type of film to pull off. The “B-movie” genre is a thing for a reason and there have been some great “bad” flicks that make some of us fall in love with the genre and expect better. I’ve seen horror flicks made for $10 that are better than a lot of big budget cinema quality horror films today and Deal with the Devil is one such film.

I’m going to be honest, the film looks rough. I shot “Uphill” on a cell phone and it looks better than this movie but the great thing about film is if you have a good story, good writing, and good audio, a lot of video quality can be forgiven. The editing is actually good except for a few shots and scenes that run too long which is why I’m so confused about the export size of the file I was sent.

film size
The real file was slightly bigger than this.

So that alone can be fixed with an editor who is familiar with export settings.

Paul, Thom Murray, (Proximity, All Ears) is a great actor but is unfortunately so much better than the rest of the cast it makes their average/below average acting kinda worse. The movie was very well shot and cinematographer Michael Lohrum shows off his skill with a camera even if it’s a…Whatever they used to film this.

This film does a very good job at making moments tense and uses music very well. I really enjoyed the seance scene but I also really wish they spent a little money on makeup for the spirits. That was such a cool scene that was made pretty campy with the subpar makeup.

The Bad

Like I said above, the movie is hard to look at. The writing is average but the story is pretty good with a nice twist at the end. I don’t like psychics in movies. Even in movies that deal with the paranormal. I think they’re stupid, every actor that tries to play one looks and sounds stupid and it kills all suspense of disbelief for me. Which is why I was happy they treated this one as a joke but then they turned around and performed a damn seance! It was a cool looking scene but I don’t like when movies go “This is a thing, oh wait it’s not.” and this movie did that twice when the cop Paul interviews goes all “There’s evil in this house! What church do you go to?!” straight to (and I mean straight to) “LOL you believe in ghosts?! NERD!”

Baal, Eric Wolfgang Nelson (No Frog Eyes Shine, The B-Girl) was so back and forth for me for whether or not I liked his acting. He plays a good sinister character but his Irish accent is atrocious and his line delivery is good then bad then good then bad.


I would actually recommend this film to anybody who wants to get into filmmaking. Seriously. It’s a good little flick that has some warts but is overall enjoyable, doesn’t rely on a $20,000 camera to try to coverup shitty acting and writing, and actually does a good job being creative in their genre. It’s not a seat of your pants type scary movie but there are some moments where I was definitely tense and waiting for a scare.

I’m happy I got to see this and I’m hoping to see what writer/director Benjamin Thomas can do with a real film budget, or at least a better camera.