Outlining my first feature film

One of the first pieces of advice I was given when I began writing scripts was to first write an outline. I ignored that bullshit… and immediately regretted it. Since then I’ve written at least a skeleton outline of what happens in Act I, II, and III of all of my projects so I know the direction I want to go. From there it’s figuring out what my characters want and how they get it which brings them to the next plot point in the story.

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Undertome – Feature film pre production process.

Back in oh…2012ish my best friend and I developed a card game called Undertome. We loved games and thought we could make a go of it. Three years and lots of local success later, the game was…in limbo, and pretty much remains there except you can purchase it for the LOW LOW price of $47.93 at The Game Crafter, but that’s only because we had no way of making copies of the game ourselves to pitch to game publishers and to enjoy with friends. The $47.93 price is the cost to make the game but apparently we make $.05 per sale, so needless to say, we’re swimming in money.

Box cover
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Demo Reel and Cinematography self-critique

Well it’s the end of the year, for me anyway, and I guess just as good a time as any to write some reflections. When I made my first film last year I made it with the intent to learn about filmmaking. I’m not good in a classroom setting. I have a hard time retaining information by reading it in a book and taking notes. I have to do things to learn them. I made what I thought was a good short film. Got some feedback and some notes from people both in and out of “the industry” and set a goal for 2019. That goal was to make 10 short films in the year. Mission failed, but really, a success because even though I didn’t make 10 full shorts I did learn at least twice as much about filmmaking as I did in 2018; so to quote Professor Hulk “I see this an absolute win!”

2019 Project Reel
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I’m bad at this.

So I’m sitting at work on my lunch, forcing myself to write and actually get this blog going (it probably won’t), while at the same time fighting off a relentless allergy attack. I’m miserable and when I get into these moods I start to think “what’s the point”? The point – I tell myself – is to keep going. Keep working, keep making films, keep creating. The Fright Film Competition is this Sunday, you’ve found somebody interested in producing HEX, the annual Night of All Nights is fast approaching, there’s so much to do.

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July progress and current/future projects.

July saw the premiere of my latest short film “Mother’s Day”, I joined a 48hour Film Project team and produced what I thought was a fairly decent offering given the fact that (as far as I know) everybody in the team was new to the project except me. Adam Philip was the director and teaches at the Columbus Media School from where he assembled his team and I hope they learned many lessons about what it’s like being on a film set. He introduced me to my next project which is the Cincinnati Fright Film Competition.

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The month of June

I haven’t blogged since May and it’s because I can’t bring myself to talk about nothing. It’s not that I’m not doing anything because the exact opposite is true. I have so much on my plate but none of it is visually ready to be talked about. Filmmaking is a visual medium and looking at pictures is way more interesting than looking at walls of text (at least for me) so unless I have something to show, I normally keep quiet or tweet about a random craving for iced tea that I had.

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