About Me

Where it all went wrong

I attended a performing arts school in Jr. high and then went on to be heavily involved in drama club at Highland High School in Medina. In that time I played such roles as Malachi Stack, The Mad Hatter, Dr. Einstein (Arsenic and Old Lace) and finally, ending my high school career playing a role I’d always dreamed of playing: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Mmmm, ginger ale.

During my Junior and Sr. year of high school I was involved in the Multi-Media/Digital Design program and majored in video production. I made such stunning, cutting edge films such as this…


And this…

After graduating high school I didn’t do much video production wise except make stupid animated instructional videos for security guards which was honestly decent work since when I was done I would just sit at my desk and play World of Warcraft all day. Which eventually produced this…

And these…

I ended up going back to “school” by attending the Ohio/Illinois Center for Broadcasting which was a joke of a tech school. I paid $15,000 for 8 months of bullshit and a stack of “contacts” half of which were outdated. I used the “skills” and “technology” I “learned” at that school to produce such quality videos as…

And actually the one I’m most proud of…

After that, I took a break from anything video related to focus on music. I’m a big music nerd and a huge metal head. I played drums in a few bands and even fronted one for a little bit. The most music I do now is play my acoustic guitar for my niece and nephews and they seem to like it.

I played around with Adobe After Effects for a bit and when Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO came out I made a little stinger promo for the guild I joined

Graphic design by my friend Clarence Messer. Animation by yours truly.

The year was 2010. I was living with my best friend and working for a retirement home. I was looking for some PA (production assistant) work for local indie films on Craigslist and wound up getting cast in the movie I applied to instead (whoops).

Way too school for cool.

 Two years later and I’m back at it, this time the film was called Chill: The Killing Games.
The funny part about this is even though I complained the whole time making it, it was about this time I started paying more attention to how filmmaking was done. Everything from writing, casting, and scheduling all the way to location scouting, shot setup, and post production.

I even ended up doing a music video:

Check these guys out, they’re a great band. 

I got to see all of the hard work a cast (which is also half of the crew) has to put in to make an okay movie in the end. It’s not the best movie ever made and hell, it’s probably not even good, but without this film I wouldn’t be where I am today and I wouldn’t have the relationships I made while filming this either. Both of which, I can’t imagine my life without.


I actually took a break from films after this. I played a few bit parts my friend Roger Conners asked me to play, but overall I took the time to work on myself and my life. I took a sabbatical from pretty much everything. That process is still continuing today but I’ve been able to get up and finally take a stab at filmmaking.

I started writing a script for a feature length but about half way through I was advised to maybe start smaller, like a short film. Seemed like good advice so I put that script on hold and wrote up a short film inspired by life events I was close to. The script was “Uphill

Official poster designed by Christian Colbert

I started buying equipment for the film in April and by July 15th I had wrapped principle photography. Cast and crew were all wonderful to work with but I had the daunting task of all post production to be done by yours truly.

So what?

So I’m a big horror/sci-fi/fantasy guy. I want to make films I want to see and I feel like Hollywood is not doing a very good job at producing genre films (Marvel excluded) and I want to try to bring that back. I love B-movies, I love indie films, I love movies, but there’s something missing from today’s major horror that I feel I can bring back into the fold. I want to give back to movies what they gave me.