Hello again

Hey folks, this isn’t going to be much of a post as it is a journal entry. When I first started this website I wanted to use it as that. I don’t really like blogging but I want to be able to look back at my progress as a filmmaker. I think it’s an understatement to say that 2020 has started out…rocky. If you’ve been reading my blog at all you are probably aware I suffer from anxiety. This year has not been kind to people like us. For those of you who are having an even harder time and may be considering committing suicide please, please get help at 1-800-273-8255. You are far better off alive, even now than otherwise.

One of the best ways to manage anxiety, especially if you’re the creative type, is to keep busy, keep working on a project, keep achieving goals. This way you have something other than worry to occupy your thoughts. The only worry is “will I meet my deadline?” This is good because when everything finally gets back to normal, and it will, you will be that much more prepared to handle other project related emergencies.

Darius Britt, if you’re unaware of him, subscribe to his YouTube page NOW.

According to my old calendar I should be finalizing filming dates for a short film called HEX, that I’ve been working on in the past year. That has since taken a back burner to script editing for my first feature length. My best friend and the writer of Good Works sent me the first draft (missing the final 1%) that I’m currently reading, so my workflow looks like this –

  1. Finish reading script.
    • Gives notes on current script and request deadline for final script.

And that’s it. A small goal that I can focus on instead of the myriad other tragedies demanding my attention. This goal also “moves the needle” to having a finished first draft of the script.

I have also begun trying to obtain more clients for freelance work. I’m an editor by trade and a camera operator for a company who does wedding and event videos. Given the current climate, I am “out of work” so I have to find ways to get it. My work flow for this situation is as follows –

  1. Finish 1st draft edit for client commercial
    • import footage
    • edit video
    • send first draft
  2. Finish 2nd draft of friend’s 40th birthday video
    • Add names to lower thirds
    • fix audio
    • color correct
    • Export 2nd draft
    • Send link to client for final notes
  3. Begin “Happy couples being happy” edits for wedding clients
    • import footage
    • organize timeline
    • edit first draft
    • send to client for feedback

Pretty basic stuff but it gives my day structure and my mind peace knowing that I am still building a business and achieving goals.

“You are either growing or you’re decaying, there is no stagnant.”

David V Stewart

This is one of my favorite quotes of the year, so far, because it has helped me to gain focus and work on parts of me that have been “decaying”. I’ve been working out at home again, despite the gyms opening up (I’ll probably go back next week), and I also started running, despite my absolute disdain for the exercise. Thankfully, the summer weather we’ve been having has made this activity more bearable.

It is a relatively simple process to manage stress and anxiety. Give yourself small goals you can believably achieve to use as stepping stones to bigger goals that are currently out of reach. That way, when you’ve obtained the bigger goal, it will feel like a big goal, but you’ll only have to treat it like a small goal because you’ve been inching yourself towards it the whole time.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. There is a future. “It is always darkest before dawn”, and the dawn is coming. Keep your chin up, and your nose to the grind stone.

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