Status Update

About a month and a half ago I promised my readers that I would be updating them on everything I’m doing for the process of my first feature film. That film was to be called Undertome, based off the game my best friend and I designed over six years ago. That has since been tabled. The main reason is because it’s too ambitious at this point and I wouldn’t want to attempt to make that film without the necessary overhead and frankly, experience.

This is where I think I differ from most filmmakers. I really try to be aware of my skill level, and though I risk humblebragging, I try to take risks and push my boundaries but not at the cost of the story I’m trying to tell. I’ve been focusing on short films for the simple fact they’re easier to make than feature lengths and it gives me plenty of opportunities to fail and make mistakes. I’ve been very happy with my recent chunk of work but it is nowhere near without room for improvement. That said, I’m not going to toil over making the “perfect” short film. I take my feedback and learn from it and apply it to the next film.

So since tabling Undertome I had to pick another project to be my debut feature film. This project is currently titled “We Lived”. Jason Orr, the writer of Good Works is also writing the screenplay. Jason has been my best friend and creative ping-pong partner since middle school and it is only fitting we work on these kinds of projects together. Our plan, thus far, is to have him write the first draft then I destroy it with notes and give it back so he can work on a second draft, rinse repeat until we have a shoot script and pre production begins.

We Lived is about a world destroyed by a terrible plague that has wiped out everyone younger than 21 and older than 29. Those within that age range live without any other illness until their 30th birthday when the virus takes them. It is a long and agonizing death. And that’s about as much as I’m going to tell you. I am very excited about this and every time Jason updates me with more pages to the script it’s like Christmas morning.

HEX is still happening. I’ve been having to make BloodScribe an LLC and also make an LLC for the film itself as we will be looking for investors to produce this last short film before We Lived. This process has been anything short of maddening but also eye opening. Jason and I are going in as partners and having an official document stating so is a personal point of pride for me. What I don’t like is the time it has taken to finalize the process. I don’t like the feeling of dragging my feet or spinning my wheels and this process while neither of those things….feels like it.

Keep checking back as I’ll be posting updates about We Lived and Bells which I haven’t really talked about but you can watch me live stream the editing process on my facebook page.

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