Better late than never

So today’s offering is a day late because hey…life happens. Like most budding filmmakers I work a day job to make ends meet and feed my cat. Sometimes day job and film life butt up against each other and yesterday was one such…butting? Anyway, I attended the monthly Film Cafe meeting in Cleveland which began shortly after I punched out of work and my film was showing after the main speakers where I was then given the opportunity to answer a few questions about the film from the 10 people of about 30 that deigned to watch some local films that weren’t theirs.

My boy who I’m highly allergic to – Quz’kin

The event was pretty well put on. The speakers did more of a Q&A with the host instead of what I assumed would be more of a lecture format on how to pitch a film, and their advice seemed to be more for documentary films rather than narrative features. I took notes anyway as I’m sure there are lessons in there somewhere. I am also interested in seeing their film, The Session, when it releases.

The two other short films from local filmmakers that showed were a documentary about the Cleveland Cultural Gardens which was very interesting and a charming dark comedy about a guy befriending Death – neither of which are available online that I could find but I also wasn’t looking that hard to find them so…*shrug*

Being an ambivert it’s hard to get out to these kinds of events which also require a significant amount of traveling since they never happen in the greater Akron area, or if they do, I’m just completely deaf to it. The fact is, it’s hard, and even though I want to go to all of these events, it’s a struggle. I push on because I know I would be losing way more by not attending than I would maybe gain by attending so it’s a net increase in information and you never know who you might meet.

So if you’re an introvert or ambivert having a hard time networking or finding a circle, it’s worth it to just grit your teeth and make it happen. Set small goals that you can achieve that also set you down a path to being successful in a big goal. “Everything worth doing is hard.”

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