Undertome – Feature film pre production process.

Back in oh…2012ish my best friend and I developed a card game called Undertome. We loved games and thought we could make a go of it. Three years and lots of local success later, the game was…in limbo, and pretty much remains there except you can purchase it for the LOW LOW price of $47.93 at The Game Crafter, but that’s only because we had no way of making copies of the game ourselves to pitch to game publishers and to enjoy with friends. The $47.93 price is the cost to make the game but apparently we make $.05 per sale, so needless to say, we’re swimming in money.

Box cover

I always liked the idea of the game. The story went something like this:

A group of friends, thirsty for adventure. An abandoned home, filled with strange antiquity. One dark night and one shattered window later, and you’re in. From its pedestal of stone, bound in burnt flesh and written in ancient blood, it calls to you. Whispers fill your mind, turning friends into enemies, filling you with a terrible ambition. Now, the struggle begins, and you find yourself faced with only one question: what price are you willing to pay for ultimate power?

Experience the Horror

Face Your Fear

Master the Tome


I liked it so much that I always thought it would make a cool adventure/horror flick. Letting that idea marinate in my head, I finally began writing the script in 2016. I finished in mid 2017 at just over 100 pages and gave it to the bestie and a few others for feedback. I’m now rewriting the script, starting with the characters and their relationships to each other. After I finish that I’ll be starting on the new outline. This blog post is the first of the Undertome journey from concept to big screen. Below, I’ve linked a copy of the character relationships and how they’re related to each other with a brief touch on how they feel about each other. Please feel free to ask any questions or offer any feedback. I’m open to all of it.


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