July progress and current/future projects.

July saw the premiere of my latest short film “Mother’s Day”, I joined a 48hour Film Project team and produced what I thought was a fairly decent offering given the fact that (as far as I know) everybody in the team was new to the project except me. Adam Philip was the director and teaches at the Columbus Media School from where he assembled his team and I hope they learned many lessons about what it’s like being on a film set. He introduced me to my next project which is the Cincinnati Fright Film Competition.

Adam invited me to be a part of his team which I was grateful for but ultimately declined because horror is where I was to concentrate my most creative effort and I already had a team in mind. I had to apply some decent willpower to join this after submitting quite the substantial entry fee but that is what was ultimately going to drive me to finish this; the fact that I had real money on the line. You’d think the raw passion for creative horror would be enough, but, for someone who suffers from a decent amount of anxiety, wasted money is definitely a good motivator.

I’ve had the extreme pleasure of reaching out to others in the local film scene here while trying to assemble my team. My best friend and creative punching bag, Jason Orr, is writing the script allowing me to concentrate on directing and applying my vision to his story. He’s a very talented short story writer and I’ve always had an easy time envisioning his stories and will one day convince him to let me make short and feature length films from them. I’ve found some amazing talent to play the main characters and I can’t wait to begin the audition process to see who comes out on top. I’m sad to say Lyle Shelley, the Johnny Depp to my Tim Burton, will be unavailable for this project so I will have to endure.

I still plan on shooting and producing HEX, however budget constraints have put that project on the back burner…again. It is one of the films I would like to highlight when showing off my work so any set back is going to irk me a bit but…C’est la vie.

That’s about it for now. I’ll be posting updates here as well as the various forms of social media I’m sure. Thanks for taking the time to read this and follow my journey.

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