The month of June

I haven’t blogged since May and it’s because I can’t bring myself to talk about nothing. It’s not that I’m not doing anything because the exact opposite is true. I have so much on my plate but none of it is visually ready to be talked about. Filmmaking is a visual medium and looking at pictures is way more interesting than looking at walls of text (at least for me) so unless I have something to show, I normally keep quiet or tweet about a random craving for iced tea that I had.

That said, I have posted some screen grabs from Day 1 for my next microshort “Mother’s Day” on instagram which seems to be the social media account that gets the most attention besides YouTube where I host everything else. We’re still trying to nail down a shoot day for day 2 so in the meantime I’ve begun production on my next music video project “Dangerous Dreams” by Lebrock. “Butterfly Social” is almost finished and I’m hoping to have that released soon but editing woes have slowed down post production. I’m confident everything is going to turn out well but we have too much story and not enough song so we’re trying to figure out how to compromise. It’s work but I like it because I’ve been learning a lot.

Re-reading this blog post and I’ve had to argue with myself about deleting the whole thing because it still feels like I’m talking about nothing. I need the practice though so here it is. I hope you reading this got something out of it, even if only a sense of familiarity about the struggles of keeping an updated blog. Just fight through it and write something.

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