Under the Silver Lake

Rating: R
Runtime: 140 minutes
Distributed by: A24

The Good

Under the Silver Lake is a strange trip of a film, but if you take the trip willingly, you just might enjoy its brand of strangeness as much as I did. This film oozes master craftsmanship, it’s palpable enough you can feel it. Every shot, every line spoken, every music choice – it’s all so well assembled that I was fully engrossed from beginning to end. I never once felt the 140 minute runtime. Andrew Garfield gives what might be the best performance of his career. David Robert Mitchell impressed me tremendously with his previous film ‘It Follows’ but Under the Silver Lake goes well beyond and is truly an outstanding achievement.

The mysterious noir storyline, tone and atmosphere does well to ground you in the narrative. It’s also dripping with Hollywood homage. The musical score harkins back to classic Hitchcockian films which obviously pairs well with the film noir aspect of the story. Even Garfield’s lead character’s apartment is adorned with old movie posters for films such as Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Creature from the Black Lagoon and Psycho. Everything comes together splendidly on the screen culminating in an amazing journey through the seedy darkside of Hollywood.

The Bad

It’s honestly difficult to find any true flaw in this movie. The only immediate thing that comes to mind is that the ending, for me, was a bit of a letdown narratively. It’s a well paced mystery driven by a likable protagonist that does a good job of making you rally for him during its entirety, but the conclusion felt like a letdown.


Under the Silver Lake is an absolute joy of a film. Everything about the movie radiates with immense talent. From the acting, to the directing, writing and absolutely incredible musical score every piece of this puzzle fits together to form a truly beautiful, yet bizarre experience. The dreamlike atmosphere will leave you floating.

Final Grade: A

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