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This weekend I began shooting for a music video (film 3 of my 10 films for 2019 project). I spent hours online learning the ins and outs of shooting one of these and have pages of notes written from those videos and blog posts. I’ve learned a lot about shooting a music video and I’m sure I’ll be applying at least some of those lessons to my narrative films.

“B” Photo Credit: Shaun Green

The music video itself isn’t a typical video for the genre of the song (hip hop/R&B) as it’s more story driven with the complete absence of the artist lip syncing to the song with cool shots and backgrounds (not to say a lot of the shots we got on this day weren’t dope as hell). The concept for this video actually began to manifest almost five years ago when my friend Mizzery Jones wrote an entire song based off a midi file I sent him that I thought sounded cool.

He shared the song with my best friend and I and it immediately resonated with us. The lyrics were inspired by a poem his wife wrote and the music video is now the vision of the idea my best friend had after hearing the record. The fact that what seemed like something that would remain a cool idea to talk about is now able to become realized. This first shoot day was pretty surreal.

Hashing out blocking

We began the day with homemade breakfast by Mizzery and wife Angelia after I attempted (and failed) to make coffee using her espresso machine. I am now banned from doing so. I’m sorry again, Angelia. We then setup gear and went over the shot list again with everybody to make sure we were all on the right page. We began shooting roughly around 11:30am and finally wrapped at 7:00pm. Those roughly seven hours barely felt like anything at all. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother shoot with a fancy wine and cheese break after three hours.

We have two more shoot days to go and it’s all I can think about. I’m eager to see how I feel about shooting music videos once this is finally produced.

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