Zigging when I wanted to Zag

When I first began this journey I had intended to use a Samsung Galaxy as my main camera. I know I’m not the first person to have that idea but I really liked the idea of it and being one of those who made films alternatively. My first ever short film was shot this way and even though there is much to be desired I really like the look of the film and the process by which I was able to film it.

Cannon Rebel T6 case and accessories

The recent update to the Android OS (Pie) has all but given the finger to those wanting to make films on their devices. This has forced me to shift gears and has cost me hundreds of dollars in new equipment and equipment that I purchased which was specifically designed for the Galaxy S9. After speaking with a rep at Samsung, they generously gave me a $25 VISA card to their store. Thanks.

So here I am, joining the rank and file indie filmmakers with a DSLR (which I’m not upset about, just annoyed at the extra purchases) and learning how to use one of these which I expect will set me back a bit. So since I’m having to adapt to reality beyond my control I don’t plan on changing much. I’m still set to complete 10 short films this year “Burgers” being set to be complete within the next week and a music video set to begin filming in April. I’ll also be starting on rewrites to my feature length which you can view the first draft on my Patreon account.

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