It’s been a while.

As most of you know I’m still very new at this. After premiering “Uphill” I sent the film out to a lot of industry contacts I’ve made for feedback and all of it has been very humbling and has given me a lot of perspective and quite honestly has caused me to make some decision changes on my timeline for what I want to make and when.

“10,000 hours of practice” is true for the most part, I believe, and I am far from that goal, so in order to achieve a large goal (Spend 10,000 hours filmmaking) I’ve set a series of smaller goals to act as stepping stones to that large goal. I intend to make 10 short films for the 2019 year. All of these films will be me working on my craft but won’t necessarily be released for public consumption (Patrons withstanding).

I’ll probably share some clips and behind-the-scenes shots from time to time but I’m going to treat these films as sort of my “filmmaker’s sketchbook” – which is to say the films will just be me playing around with technique and shot setup and what have you. Anyway that’s about it, one of the short films is going to be HEX, which will be a “bigger” project that everybody will get to see and I’m very excited to begin working on that. Thanks for reading 🙂

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