New projects and timelines.

Hey folks, I just posted the gist of this on my Patreon but I wanted to just get the rest of my thoughts out there in a full blog post. I’ve been struggling with my impatience ever since finishing “Uphill” mainly because I want to show it to everybody and I want to start making more films. I’ve recently submitted to a short film competition that Film Riot and Filmstro are holding and I’m pretty excited about it.


I’ve always loved the “shortest scary story” and I thought this competition would be the perfect opportunity to bring it to life through film. I wrote up a script and asked my friend actor and DP for Uphill Lyle Shelley to play the role after I initially intended to play it myself. Thankfully he agreed. Two days, $40, and wheeled tripod base later and we have a film!

Unfortunately this hasn’t really “scratched the itch” so I’ve been trying to put other projects together while also focusing on “The Big One”. “The Big One” is what I’m calling my first feature film. The script is half done and I intent to have a first draft by Thanksgiving. After that, it’s rewrites and by the first of the year I intend to have a final script to use to pitch to studios.

One of these “other projects” is a collaborative effort between my long time best friend and writer Jason Orr and myself. The title of the project is “HEX” of which I shared a teaser picture a while ago. We’re hoping to start filming this in April 2019 and I’m just as excited about this as I was about getting “Uphill” under my belt. Jason and I have collaborated on a lot of creative projects together ranging from a Lord of the Rings parody play we wrote in middle school “The Lord of the Wigs” to an actual card game (that has since been brushed under the rug but we like to play it with friends).

Since the game we haven’t done much together as he has been focusing on a short story anthology and I’ve been doing this film thing. He’s played no small part in getting me into movies (specifically the horror genre) and I feel it’s only right that we work together on a horror film. Our film philosophies are congruent as we both value story in film overall and we’re both very dedicated to producing the best product we can in anything we do (whether successful or not).

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