Every End Is A New Beginning

Hey folks, I know most of you are used to a Monday Vlog and I haven’t posted one in the last two weeks because frankly, I haven’t had much to say and I would feel like crap if I just posted 3-5 minutes of nothing and expect you to stay Patrons. That said, I know consistency is key so I released a version of Uphill for patrons with audio commentary from myself and Jake Dressler who played William “Bill”.

When I first wanted to get into filmmaking I specifically wanted to do horror. There’s just something about that genre that is so enigmatic – and by that I mean it’s one of the easiest genres of film to make, but also the hardest to pull off successfully (in my humble opinion). There are a lot… A LOT of indie no budget/low budget horror out there and there is a lot… A LOT of crap festering in that pool – but if you are brave enough to dig around and take some chances you can find some really good gems. It is my intent to make a couple three of those gems if I’m lucky.

I “broke into” filmmaking with “Uphill” which is a drama. I did this for a few reasons:

1.) I’m close to the story of Uphill so it was very easy for me to write and with it being a two character script in one major location I didn’t have to juggle a bunch of cast and crew. I also did all of the editing, post production, and marketing of the film.

2.) I thought this would be a better calling card for me as a filmmaker to continue making films with other collaborators. If I can pull off drama and hit the correct beats without seeming melodramatic, maybe I can also do the same thing with horror.

3.) Being a short film I wanted to make something that wasn’t going to take multiple years to complete (I’m still re-writing the script for my first feature length which I started back in 2015) but also allow me to take enough time to learn what I’m doing and obsess over details to make a good product.

Now that “Uphill” is finished and beginning the festival circuit I want to shift my creative focus back into writing the scripts of my feature length and my followup short “HEX”. Patrons will get a first look at the script in progress and the final version before I start story boarding and scouting locations.

If you like what you see please share my Patreon or any of my posts on social media and get people involved. Art, especially filmmaking, is an all inclusive process between the artist and the audience. I love hearing feedback from y’all when I get it and it really does factor into my decision making. Thanks for reading and keep checking back for the script for my first horror film “HEX”


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