Uphill is in the can!

Hey guys! I’m sorry for not posting a vlog this week but…


I have a final version of the film all packed up and ready to be submitted to film festivals. There are some festivals that will not allow me to release the film prior to it being screened but *you* as Patrons will get exclusive early access to the film before it screens. That’s right! I’m going to provide a link that will have the movie available via password only and you, as Patrons will get exclusive access to view the film before anybody else!

It has been an awesome experience for me to make this film and I couldn’t have done it without the generosity of all of you. Your monthly contributions really do help make dreams come true. If you’re not a Patron yet and want to get exclusive access to content like this (and much much more that I will be releasing here within the next few weeks *cough blooper reel, audio commentary on the film by me and the stars, Jake and Katelynn, exclusive behind the scenes footage of all of my projects, *cough* AND the opportunity to appear as a member of the cast in my next project soon to be detailed.

So again, thank you to my Patrons and to all of you who are on the fence about donating a measly $2.00 a month (which is actually a huge deal for me) I hope this will help to entice you. That small contribution helps independent filmmakers like me all over the world bring you the movies you want to see.


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