Kinodrome Film Festival

So the script for “Uphill” is an official selection for the 1st annual Kinodrome Film Festival in Cleveland, OH and I’m way too excited about that. I first submitted the script back in April because they had an Ohio filmmaker’s discount so I was like “what the hell” and sent it in. That’s not to say I wasn’t proud of the script I just figured that it being a short film it wouldn’t make any kind of waves – happy I was wrong.

So this Sunday I’ll be at the Drinko Hall Auditorium in Cleveland from 11:00am – 8:00pm to experience my first ever film festival. I’m really not sure what to expect but I did see some other artists I’m familiar with also had films and scripts selected so it’ll be cool to meet up with them. I’m really eager to see some good films and make some possible connections. It’s funny, even though I’m not having anything screened I still feel like I took a step forward in my career. I have four other festivals targeted for “Uphill” to actually screen at and that’s going to be wild. Full steam ahead folks, the journey has just begun!

Oh I’ve also received TWO review submissions that I will be getting to this and next week. I plan on doing two viewings for each submission. The first is just going to be to enjoy a film, the second is when I’ll turn on my critique brain and pick it apart if I can. After the second screening I’ll begin writing the review and (fingers crossed) I’ll be posting the following day. This exercise is most likely going to be more beneficial for me than it is the filmmakers because I’m just some rando on the internet giving his worthless opinion. BUT being able to see what other filmmakers do and learn from/build off of that will only make me better as I continue to make films of my own. Is that selfish? Whatever, I don’t care.

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